"Imperium- the Philosophy of History and Politics"
by Francis Parker Yockey (pen-name: 'Ulick Varange') -
published by Westropa Press, London, 1948;
republished by Noontide Press, California, 1962.

Francis Parker Yockey acknowledged Spengler as his mentor, describing him as “The Philosopher of the 20th Century".

Yockey supports Spengler’s suggestion <1> that Prussia/Germany was destined to play the “Roman” role in Western High Culture by uniting all its states into one large empire.

Thus, Germany’s defeat in the First and Second World Wars prevented Europe’s normal, organic progression towards its Caesaristic phase. Therefore, what we are experiencing now is an unnatural prolongation of Democracy – which is accompanied by an ever-worsening Tyranny of Money.

Yockey also warned that Russia would create serious problems for the West during the decades after he wrote his book – and he was of course correct. That prediction seems consistent with Spengler’s belief that Russia is a newly emerging High Culture, independent of the Western one <2>.

However, Yockey’s attitude to the Jews diverges quite markedly from Spengler’s. In the USA particularly, Yockey regards the Jews as an “ulcer” ... i.e., he insists that they control(led) its government and banking system. Spengler, on the other hand, was quite critical of the Nazi maltreatment of German Jewry <3>; Spengler maintained that modern-day Jews were quite capable of making a useful contribution to Western Civilization.


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